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The term “Instrument Air” refers to an extremely clean supply of compressed air that is free from contaminates such as moisture & particulates.  A system may utilize instrument air for various types of pneumatic equipment, valves & electrical controls.

High efficiency filtration eliminates issues with pneumatic valves and electrical/pneumatic controls caused by suspended liquids, such as compressor oil and particulates that are often present in plant air, also known as service air.  By utilizing filtration, supplying instrument air when needed ensures the proper functioning of equipment, valves, and controls, and possibly preventing failure of these components.

Our grade 70C and 50C coalescing elements are best suited for instrument air service since they are rated at 0.01 microns against 95% and 99.99% efficiency, respectively.  You definitely do not want to only use a particulate grade element since it will not remove liquids.  The coalescing elements will do both.

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Most Instrument Air applications are relatively low pressure making our 300 series ideal in most situations.  However, any of our T-Type housings fitted with a coalescing filter element may be utilized for “instrument air” service.  Filters should be placed as close to the application as possible to insure complete protection.

Please contact our technical team at (586) 802-5561 or email Dirk Loveland ([email protected]), Aaron Garvin ([email protected]), or Dan Heath ([email protected]).

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