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Bài viết P!nk (@Pink) / Twitter thuộc chủ đề về Giải Đáp Thắc Mắt thời gian này đang được rất nhiều bạn quan tâm đúng không nào !! Hôm nay, Hãy cùng HuongLiYa tìm hiểu P!nk (@Pink) / Twitter trong bài viết hôm nay nhé ! Các bạn đang xem nội dung : “P!nk (@Pink) / Twitter”
Rosé (
) BottleRock 2022 Edition. Cheers.
Hahaha yes!!!!
Bottlerock we are coming in HOT TONIGHT!!!!!!
❤️❤️❤️❤️ I miss you already
✨ Performing has introduced me to the most interesting people, including my new friend Ring and her magical circus. I’m excited to launch my second
Kids Sleep Story so you can join us under Ring’s circus tent. Let’s rest, relax, and shine together. Listen on the app ✨
This farmer planted one tree every day for 37 yrs and transformed a chopped down barren land in India into a wildlife paradise.
I’m so excited to headline #ACLFest this October!! Tickets and more info at http://aclfestival.com
During times of emergency and conflict, playing team and solo sports can help in development — and bring a sense of home, which the children of Ukraine need. Check out these recreation boxes from
Looking for other ways to help mothers and their children in Ukraine? These backpacks and supplies have all the essentials they need to continue learning and securing brighter futures. https://bit.ly/3MMLkjx
This Mother’s Day looks very different for families in Ukraine. In honor of the mom or mentor in your life this Mother’s Day, you can help a family displaced by the war with this Inspired Gift from
. https://bit.ly/3OYNuia
is supplying resources, including blankets like this, to babies and children who have had to flee their homes in Ukraine. For $32, you can provide these blankets to five children. https://bit.ly/3ydfzfw
Every parent knows — what we want most is for our kids to be healthy and happy. This Mother’s Day, help mothers and children across the world by giving one of
’s Inspired Gifts. A few of my favorite to follow. https://bit.ly/3ylZbJw
Thanks y’all! I knew I could count on you! Got it!
When I was a kid I had a mork and mindy lunchbox with matching thermos. Anyone have one they wanna sell me?
I’m headlining the 2022 Ohana Festival on Sunday, October 2nd at the beautiful Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA!😎  Tickets go on sale today at 10am PST at http://Ohanafest.com. Can’t wait to play with you
I’m headlining
on Sun 10/2!✨ Tickets on sale Thurs 4/14 @ 10am PT – you can sign up for early pre-sale access at http://Ohanafest.com. Can’t wait to see you on the beach!
Supreme. Court. Justice. Ketanji. Brown. Jackson. #AllRise👩🏾‍⚖️
Went on stage to perform today for the first time since our last tour. So much has changed- but one thing remains the same. The love is real ❤️ it’s real!!!!!
That was fun 🤩
“How to Come Out of Lockdown” https://newyorker.com/magazine/2022/04/04/how-to-come-out-of-lockdown?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=onsite-share&utm_brand=the-new-yorker&utm_social-type=earned… via
Anyone else’s kid talking about inflation and the tooth fairy? #imgettinghustled#toothappraisals
HELP! Please take the love you had for Gaby and help find this 12 year old boy. He has no one and is in danger. Last seen in Philly #SimjieMorrison Missing Juvenile – Simjie Morrison – From the 22nd District – Blotter https://blotter.sites.phillypolice.com/2022/03/missing-juvenile-simjie-morrison-from-the-22nd-district/…
This is not a photo from 1941. This is a photo from March 2022 with all the color taken out. So angry. So sad. #EndWar
P!nk with Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen in 2004.
In today’s world, if you and loved ones are waking up this morning without bombs dropping around you or bullets passing by you, and a steaming cup of coffee in your hand, be blessed. #StopTheWar
Wouldn’t it be great if all those “freedom convoy” losers will actually do something to protect freedom by taking their trucks and cars and protest near the Russian embassy in D.C?
His customers are children. This bill harms children in ways that will damage many for life.
should never be a company that doesn’t stand up for the safety and support of all children. They certainly should never financially support those who attack children like this.
I’m gonna be honest with you- I think I’m doing a pretty good job. I know what hating myself feels like too. Got a strong memory. It’s possible to be proud of yourself and keep learning, too.
Right now, UNICEF is working across eastern #Ukraine to scale up lifesaving programs for children. If you’d like to help, you can donate to
here: https://bit.ly/3JPwc3s
Carson will always be my favorite
Dream BIG with
on a magical circus adventure! This Calm Kids Sleep Story is fun for all ages 💙👉http://cal.mn/P!nk
Sleep doesn’t always come easy, but with
Kids Sleep Stories my kids are less afraid of the dark and of being alone. I hope my Sleep Stories can help kids’ imaginations run wild as they drift off to peaceful rest 💞https://cal.mn/P!nk
Poet #MayaAngelou becomes the first Black woman to appear on a US quarter
I’m headlining BottleRock Sun 5/29! 1-day tix go on sale tomorrow Thu 1/13 @ 10A PT, but you can access special presale 1-day tix starting TODAY @ 10A PT until 8A PT tomorrow. Quantities are limited! Use code PINKBOTTLEROCK to access. See you in May! …https://bottlerocknapavalley.frontgatetickets.com
I’m headlining BottleRock this year! 🙌🏽  3-day tix go on sale tomorrow 1/11 @ 10A PT, but my fans will have presale access to a limited supply of 3-day tix starting TODAY @ 10A PT until 8A PT tomorrow or until they sell out. Use code PINKBOTTLEROCK. …https://bottlerocknapavalley.frontgatetickets.com/event/ehri0s4kt0ujnlkn/passcode/…
If you’ve waited and watched the first millions of kids’ COVID shots before vaccinating your children, it’s time to get them vaccinated. School fall 2022 will be in masks if we don’t get this right. Amplify this thought please
Willow asked me what I want, to which I replied.. “love, health, forgiveness, understanding, unadulterated joy.” “You?” I asked. “A big lollipop.” The difference between adulthood/childhood.
If you’re a last-minute shopper, consider giving a gift in honor of your loved ones. This First Aid Kit is only $32 and provides needed medical supplies on the ground in the more than 190 countries and territories that
works in: https://bit.ly/3dRkSpv

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